We all know that the computer is widely used for personal and professional purpose. The user in habit to store entire files specially pictures in the computer and thinks that the files are safe. But the data deletion is one of the biggest challenge for computer user.

Once the pictures deleted from computer then it can not be viewed at the location where it saved before. So, here you will find complete guide on how to recover deleted pictures from computer hard drive.

How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Computer Hard Drive - Best Method

The data deletion is of two types one is soft deletion also known as normal deletion and second one is hard deletion known as permanent deletion. The normal deleted pictures can be recovered without software. But the permanently deleted pictures can’t be recovered without software.

Steps to Recover Deleted Pictures from Computer Without Software

The below listed steps will enable you to recover deleted pictures from computer hard drive. Just perform the steps:

1. Go to Recycle Bin folder on Windows system and open
2. Here you will find normal deleted pictures. Simply select the required pictures, use Ctrl key to select more than one photo.
3. Do mouse right-click on any one selected picture and click on Restore option.
4. The all selected picture will immediately disappear from recycle bin folder.
5. Now go to the actual location from where files were deleted. Check your all deleted pictures were recovered.

Note: – The above steps are applicable for normal deleted pictures only. If the pictures were deleted using shift key. Then the deleted picture will not go into the recycle bin folder. Or your deleted photos are not in recycle bin then perform the below listed method.

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Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Pictures from Computer Which is not in Recycle Bin

What if your deleted picture is not in the windows recycle bin folder? In this situation you can’t recover deleted pictures from computer hard drive without software. So, follow the steps listed below to avail best software to recover permanently deleted pictures from computer.

1. Download SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software
2. Install the downloaded .exe file on your Windows system
3. The home screen will appear on your computer desktop. It will show you all partition of your computer hard drive.
4. Simply select the partition from which your pictures were deleted and hit on Scan button.
5. Let the software complete the scanning 100%.
6. After that the software will provide you preview of complete recovered data files.
7. At the last Save all recovered picture at any location on your computer

Note: – The software is capable to recover permanently deleted pictures from computer and beside this provides option to recover corrupted and formatted data from computer as well. My recommendation is to use the SysTools software and easily recover deleted pictures from computer hard drive.


You reached here at the bottom of this write up. It means that you have gone through the steps mentioned above to recover deleted pictures from computer hard drive. If you have not tried any solution and reached here to know which one is better. Then I must say try the SysTools Data Recovery Software and recover even permanently deleted pictures from computer easily.

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